Samsung: Started new research and development facility for semiconductor chips

The piece of information coming from the South Korean tech giant is that they are started to work on a new research and development facility for semiconductor chips. As they are keenly involved in the research and development of chips, as we got the news from time to time of the same. Now, the new plant is coming up at its Giheung Campus in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, in South Korea. And here the company spending KRW 20 trillion (which came to around $15 billion) on this facility by the year 2028.

At the commencement ceremony that was held earlier today, here the Samsung Electronics Vice President, Lee Jae-Yong was present. At this ceremony, 100 other Samsung officials, including Device Solutions CTO Jeong Eun-Seung, Jin Kyo-Young (President of SAIT), Lee Jeong-Bae (Director of Memory Business Division), Siyoung Choi (President of Samsung Foundry), and Yong-In Park (President of System LSI), and several other employees become the part of this ceremony.

Now after receiving the presidential pardon last week in a case related to bribery. This is Lee’s first official move after the same. This is the same campus (Giheung Campus) where the company started manufacturing its first semiconductor chips over 40 years ago. Apart from this, it is also the first place where it manufactured its first 64MB DRAM in 1992.

The new facility will cover 109,000 square meters and definitely going to play the role of a critical research base.  The same going to be vital for the semiconductor R&D fields such as fabless system semiconductor design, foundry, and memory. This semiconductor R&D facility line will be operational tentatively by 2025.

Samsung focus on advanced chip production to meet the global supply

To be noted, Samsung’s chip division has significantly contributed to supporting the company for the last few years as they facing the chip shortage, especially after the global  COVID-19 pandemic.

Analysts pointed out that TSMC is advancing mass production of 4-nanometer and 5-nanometer chips at a faster pace, affecting Samsung’s ability to produce enough cutting-edge chips for its most important customers. But Samsung said it now has the ability to steadily advance chip production to “maximize” chip supply.

Earlier, Samsung held a ceremony to celebrate the shipment of its first 3-nanometer chips. On the 3nm process, Samsung beat TSMC to bring the next-generation technology to market first.

James Lin, an analyst at Dalton Investments, said: “If Samsung can increase the output rate of its latest chips, it still has a chance to re-engage customers. No customer wants to risk relying solely on TSMC as a supplier.”


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