Samsung intending to construct 236-layer NAND flash chips this year

Samsung might launched its first NAND flash memory chips with more than 200 layers before the end of the year, enlarge the stack from the recent 176-layer confines.

Samsung has abide the market leader and intent to assert its level over opponent like SK Hynix, Micron Technology, and Kioxia.

The Korean tech giant will allegedly launched 236-layer NAND flash chips ahead the end of the year. To obtain this, Samsung is also shaping  to set up a new R&D(research & development)center ahead the end of August, where the company will explore and construct more advanced NAND flash technologies.

Extreme 2-stack technology uphold to 256 layers:

Samsung will presumably hands on its Extreme 2-stack technology to obtain 236 layers for its NAND flash chips ahead the end of 2022.

The company disclose its Extreme 2-stack technology in few years ago. It uses extreme engraving to carry of top stacks than the technique in work by opponents.

As a matter of fact is that , Samsung utilize the similar Extreme 2-stack layering technology to make its recent 176-layer NAND flash chips.

Apart from that as per the speculation or more particularly, “analytical state” Extreme 2-stack layering give permission for allover of 256 layers.

Even so, Samsung fix a curb of 176 layers a several of years ago because it select the exceptional arrangements at that time alternately the topmost number of layers it could have attained.

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With new improvement in chipset constructed, Samsung is now allegedly prepared to  enhance a new NAND flash structure based on 236 layers.

But Samsung is not solitary. Other companies such as SK Hynix and Micron Technology have also declared that they are manufactured NAND flash chips based on a 236 and 232-layer design, appropriately.

As per the Statista, the Korean tech giant held a NAND flash market share of 35.3% in Q1 2022. Samsung directed the division with a substantial aperture between it and the second-ranked NAND flash fabricators, Kioxia, which clasp a market share of 18.9% during the similar three-month duration.


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