Android 13 Features: All new massive inclusion not launched yet

Google releases the recent version of its handset operating system Android 13, and it’s so far turned out to be the first (Pixel) model. Android 13 lands with Runtime, Material You, Themed Icons, Clipboard editor and more.

Now move to Security and privacy setting:

The Pixel 6 initiated a new Security Hub last year that then comes on previously launched Google handsets.

At I/O 2022 in May, the company information that how Security would be merged with the available page for Privacy.

This means to give a “simple, color encrypted way to recognize your safety level and will give an exact and functional lead to increase it.

It begins with an important review division and button to take steps like “Scan device” (with Play Protect) or “Uninstall” apps. The page will be tied up with new steps cards that remind you of difficult actions you should take to mark any security danger.

In inclusion to informing alert you about problems, we’ll also give on-time suggestions on how to improve your privacy.

Next is decline for App security, model lock, Google Security Checkup, Find My Device and more that can be enlarged to look another priority.

As we all previously look at Samsung’s version of this, this week’s and 13 upgrades for Pixel handset yet has “Security” and “Privacy” as individual segments.

Google told on Monday that the merge  Security & privacy settings page is arrived “later this year.”

First Android 13 QPR1 Beta arriving in September 2022:

Consolidate Pixel Launcher explore:

On the Pixel handset, one of Android 13’s great features is merged handset and web explore where the bar seems at the bottom of your home screen is similar to the area at the top of the app drawer.

The last is prominently well previously, and customers on the Android 13 Beta have been employed this experience for the last few months now.

Even so, over improvement to the stable launch, consolidate Pixel Launcher explore dissipate. Google told as soon as this week that the fading will be solved in a “next coming launch.”

Cross-device integrations:

The next set of Android 13 features that have yet to launch is across-models unification. Begin with “message app streaming.” The UI of Google Messages and other same conveying apps Signal will cascade to your Chromebook.

On ChromeOS, you will get an apprising, and clicking “Answer” opens a device-category window to write out your message and look the last history, just like on your handset. Both models must be in Bluetooth scale of each other.

We exhibited an untimely version of this feature and classified it into how it performs back in February, and Google tells  to supposed sustainability after this year.”

Next up is “cross-device copy and paste” where you can copy text, URLs, and images from your Android handset and paste it to a tablet (or vice versa).

The clipboard review in the bottom-left corner will feature a modern close or Nearby Share button that helps you to select a model. The aim model will display a proceeds endorsement and then you can just paste it.

Meant to improve development, it’s evidently ancillary to you having other Android 13 models.

This feature officially “arrives soon to Android 13 models,” even though only the “forwarding device” wants to be on the new OS. That means they “obtain model must be Android 6 device or topmost.”

Lastly, there’s geographical Audio to move the “base of the sound depends on how you move your lead. That means to create media (movies) more enveloping, and the one model we know it’s arriving to the Pixel Buds Pro with a future upgrade in the godown.

Android 13 on tablets
Android 13 is only present on the handset. On tablets, it will grasp a taskbar that features an app drawer for quicker numerous windows multitasking, while there’s also letterboxing for unoptimized apps.

So many segments of the OS now have a big-screen format, while crown and needle pen insert and enrolled as individual touches.

The first model to release with Android 12L, which comes in March, is the Samsung Fold 4 and Flip 4 after this month.

At the rate, don’t suppose Android 13 on tablets till next year. The timing could create it so that the Pixel tablet is the launch model.

Android 13 features that have not announced yet

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