Metaverse: Samsung and LG working on micro OLED technology

Combined original model are at the heart of the metaverse experience. Remarkable development in display technology are need to carry the insight to life. According to the reports Samsung Display is getting insistence for OLED micro displays from major customers.

OLED microdisplay:

The OLED microdisplay technology is not being completely new for Samsung Display. The company disclosed a prototype OLED microdisplay above a years ago in 2011.

Samsung’s metaverse method is mount on this display technology

Commercialized in future:

In the face of the method that Samsung Display create a prototype, it never profit oriented this technology. However, it’s trust that the company has retain a small team of researchers around. They have continuously  develop and  research on this technology in ways of  Samsung Display required to profit – oriented it in the future.

The company lastly decided opposed materialistic this technology as it was trust that the desirability wouldn’t be too good.

That might be transforming. There’s a strong interest in OLED microdisplay technology from the likes of Apple, Meta, Samsung Electronics, and others. They’ve been arrive to Samsung Display for OLED microdisplays.

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LG Displays:

As per the reports LG Display is performing  on its own OLED microdisplay materialistic plans. This might also insist Samsung Display’s hand to bounce into the market. With delivery of AR/VR gadget expected to improve from 10 million units last year to 25 million units by next year, and probably reaching 60 million units by 2027, there may now be remarkably bottom in the market for Samsung Display to contemplate construct OLED microdisplays.

Metaverse strategy:

The metaverse method at Samsung Electronics is also supposed to create. When once Samsung Display is in a place to offer these displays. There has been talk about a new headset from Samsung. Maybe the company is still waiting on its display-making affiliate to follow via this technology before it distinct on the way ahead.

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Samsung Micro OLED Technology


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