Way to quickly getting Samsung’s One UI 5 emojis on any rooted Android device

Great news for all the Android enthusiasts coming from the XDA forums as they always bring something unique for their users which added extra value to their device. XDA forums always try to find new ways to theme their phone.

Fortunately for the devices which are not heavily locked down which enables their users to go further and to make a huge range of modifications and the sky is not the limit for them. Even variations include those also whose originated from a different OEM Android skin altogether. Now this time XDA Senior Member RKBD realises the same which makes the emoji experience a little spicy. And credit goes to their work you can now start using emojis from Samsung’s One UI 5 (Android 13) based on any device if you have root access.

Every one of us is quite excited about the new hardware and software releases we get from time to time and why not, as they precisely enhance our experience and make us use our device to its fullest capabilities. But also at the same time, it’s important to keep remembering the new emojis brought into the Android world. Since Samsungs always introduces a set of emojis with each important One UI update. And hence to continue its customs the company is likely to enhance the user experience with its upcoming One UI 5 which is on top of Android 13. And since the fifth One UI revision is still on its way to getting a public rollout even though its Beta form as well, RKBD was able to manage to obtain its relevant font file which contains the new emojis from an unreleased pre-release build, and courtesy goes to 9to5Google‘s Max Weinbach and Dylan Roussel.

How to get One UI 5 emojis on any Android device

Now to install One UI 5 emojis on your rooted Android phone, you’ll have to flash a specially crafted module called Magisk module. And with the help of this module one can replace the emoji font file of the target device in a “systemless” manner with the one containing the new emojis, the one that users will be going to find in the upcoming One UI release. Also, one thing which brings to highlight is that the module will work on any rooted Android device, and it doesn’t require Android 13 at all.

Steps to follow are given below:

  • Before starting, make sure your Android device is rooted with the latest version of Magisk.
  • Download the Magisk module for the One UI 5 emoji pack from the author’s thread (linked below). If you’ve downloaded it on a PC or a Mac, then connect your Android device to it and copy the downloaded ZIP file to the internal memory of the target device.
  • Open the Magisk app on your phone and switch to the Modules tab using the bottom navigation menu.
  • Tap on the button named Install from storage.
  • Browse and select the module ZIP you downloaded earlier.
  • Magisk will now install the module and prompt you to restart.
  • After rebooting, open the Magisk app once again and take a look at the Modules tab. The One UI 5 emoji module you flashed should be listed under the Installed section.
  • Fire up the keyboard and check out the new emojis.

Quick tip to get One UI 5 emojis on any rooted Android phones

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