13 most asked Samsung One UI 5 FAQ

Samsung come out with the most awaited object and released the One UI 5 public beta based on Android 13. Samsung has rolled out the One UI 5 beta program for Galaxy S22 series in the (US, South Korea and Europe and it is supposed that it will be available as soon as for other regions. We are already a bit familiar with some new features that will be available in the latest firmware that will include collateral according to the official changelog

One UI 5 beta (Android 13):

One UI 5 is going on the floor, and it leads you to more preceding substantiation and makes it easy to get objects done above your Galaxy device. So, let’s go back to look that what was the updated or new features available on Android 13.

But from moving to the features of One UI 5 we will explore some FAQs generally asked by users so let’s move:

One UI 5 FAQs lists:

The Gallery app in One UI 5 is able to scan the images with the help of a new button present at the bottom of the screen

1. What is the One UI Beta program?

The One UI Beta Program is owned, managed, and operated individually by Samsung. Its motive is to make a better, more trustable operating system and user experience (UX) for Samsung models, but it’s completely based on the enjoyer’s feedback.

As a One UI Beta Program contestant, you can preview new features and UX for the recent Android operating system version, and send feedback about its performance, stability and usability.

2. What does it cost to participate in the One Ui Beta program?

There is no cost to participating in the One UI Beta Program. When you are answerable for costs related to using a data network connection to download the beta software or upload error logs. Connecting to Wi-Fi before downloading beta software is highly endorsed.

3. Any compensation available for the One UI beta program participants?

The one UI beta program is an opt-in, optional program. Your prize for participation is enhanced software for the Samsung model based on your reviews.

4. How do I participate in the One UI beta program?

To participate in the One UI Beta Program, you must register through the Samsung Members application on your device:

1. In the Samsung Members application, login with your Samsung Account. If you have an account then that’s great but if you don’t have a Samsung account, create one.
2. Choose”Notice Registration for One UI Beta Program”.
3. Finish and submit the application form.
4. If you encounter the participation criteria, you are enrolled in the One UI Beta Program.

5. Before using the beta software I need to backup data in my device is it possible?

Before installing the beta software, it is highly recommended to back up your data to your system via Smart Switch. U supposed behaviour in beta software can make data loss.

6. How do I install the beta software on my device?

For that, first, you must be enrolled in the One UI Beta Program to install the beta software. To ignore compatibility issues, before installing the beta software, assure all the applications on the device are updated to the current version available.

  • To install the beta software, on your device,
  • Tap to select Settings.
  • Then go to the Software update.
  • Now download and install”.
  • Beta software updates are rolled out gradually to One UI Beta Program participants.

7. What can I do when an error comes at the time of the installation process?

If an error comes during beta software installation and you can no longer use your device, contact the nearest Samsung Service Center for help with resetting the device.

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8. What condition I can use under the beta software?

To participate in the One UI Beta Program, you agree to use the beta software only for personal, non-commercial purposes, and to abide by the One UI Beta Program terms and conditions.

9. How to send feedback to Samsung?

User feedback is submitted through the Samsung Members application on your device: To send feedback on bugs or errors in beta software, in the Samsung Members application.

  • Tap to select Beta feedback.
  • Then send feedback.

To provide UX or UI-related feedback, such as usability or feature suggestions, select “Beta community  Suggestions”.

Key point:

To ensure relevant log information is included in the error report, submit the report within 3 minutes of encountering the bug or error, and do not terminate (swipe away) the Samsung Members application until you are notified that the report has been sent. This can take up to 5 minutes.

10. If I want to reset my device so can I reinstall beta software?

Yes. As long as you are enrolled in the One UI Beta Program, you can re-install the beta software by running a software update on the device. To run the update, on your device you have to follow some basic steps

• select Settings.

•Tap to open software update.

•Download and install.

11. How do I remove the beta software update?

1. To withdraw from the One UI Beta Program, you must apply for withdrawal through the Samsung Members application on your device. (“Settings > One UI Beta Program status > Withdraw” menu)

2. To remove the beta software, perform a rollback to the previous release version, using the Smart Switch application on your computer. The rollback resets the device and removes data generated during beta testing.

But the important point is that you just keep in your mind –

If you backed up your device data to your computer with Smart Switch, you can restore the data after the rollback process. To work the rollback, connect the device to your computer with a USB cable. On the computer, launch the Smart Switch application, and select “Downgrade”.If you do not have access to a computer and need to roll back your device, contact the nearest Samsung Service Center.

12. When will be the official version available?

It is not possible to give any particular date for publishing the launched version. The launched version will be published soon as the beta feedback is monitored and enhancements are applied.

13. What are the eligible devices and countries list?

Currently, the Galaxy S22 series are experiencing the One UI 5 beta program in Europe, South Korea and US. A recent report suggested that Samsung is testing the new One UI version on Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20, Galaxy A53, and Galaxy A52s smartphone users.

Now move to the One UI 5 Beta features:

The latest upcoming firmware will include so many features apart from brand new UI, notifications tweak, multitasking gesture, permission window, security and privacy improvements, and Text recognition.


Here we can say that improvements to One UI 5 notifications are not major ones, but here Samsung has really performed to give us a user-friendly yet more effective notification panel.

However, in contrast to One UI 4, the notification design is slightly tweaked. Altogether with a new icon along with an updated design style. Apart from this, the notification shade and quick settings have a slight modification toward opacity. While considering these changes minor still they do bring an overall different feel to the notification shade as a whole.

Permission Dialogs

This update will be supposed to improve the buffer of Samsung users that Samsung One UI 5  is about to make an update in its permission dialogue system and bring in the default Android style. The dialogue seems like a stock Android dialogue. Although the text on the permission dialogue is bold and large now, which clearly emerges from the background shade of the dialogues.

Text Recognition

Similarly to the Google lens and iPhone which can take text from the photo and turn up it into copy and paste the same, now it is been rumour that sounds Samsung also building the same into the One UI 5  as well.

The Gallery app in One UI 5 is able to scan the images with the help of a new button present at the bottom of the screen and with which your phone analyse the text and then immediately turns them into text that you can copy and paste anywhere wherever you want. This makes the text to be copying and pasting really easy on another app which could work just like an iPhone.

However, the same can do with the help of Samsung Bixby vision and a bunch of other ways but now that can be done inside the gallery app.

Security & Privacy

Coming to the other changes that One UI 5 has about to bring and that on its way to experience. As we all know that Google is working hard to enhance the privacy and security of its pixel devices. Now Samsung competes with it through its One UI security and privacy upgrades.

Just like in Pixel phones which us a warning when something is wrong on the top of the screen and big green looks good if things are okay, also there is an option to scan if something goes wrong. Although it’s not clear how it works and might look in One UI 5 yet.

Multitasking Gestures

One UI 5 also adds two new gestures for triggering multitasking features which makes it faster to access multiple apps at once. One of the new gestures adds the two-finger swipe from the bottom of the screen to change to a split screen view. Also based on the app, it split the screen, and at the bottom, it looks like Apple’s flex drop but instead of a floating window Samsung is opening the app on a split screen.

On top of that, there’s a new corner gesture, through which you can swipe at the corner to make the current app change to a pop-up view where the app sits on its own window. It really makes the user do more customization.

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