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Telegram gave instant messaging services a significant update. From now on, premium users will benefit from new functions, but Telegram premium can still (officially) not be booked in Germany. The workaround has long been stopped now a phone number from abroad is required. The reason for this step is still not known. With its latest update, Telegram is once again providing premium users with new functions. Even if those are not officially available in this country, we’ll take a look anyway.

Telegram founder Durov wasn’t exactly thrilled that  Apple was taking its time to launch the update, but the new Telegram update is officially available- although Apple “watered down the update”, as per the Apple “watered down update”, according to Durov. Telegram is now providing an open emoji platform available for premium users.

Everybody can use and make new emoji packs available for their premium users. The new emojis are animated and can be used for text, messages, and media captions to be used equally. Telegram users get it to start with access to 10 customized emoji packs Currently 500 premium emoji packs include. More are to follow. Telegram has the emoji panel for this revised the new emoji can also find in the suggestions.

If emojis are sent in a single chat, there is access to various interactive variants. Those can be synchronized by tapping, to play full-screen effects, as already for the custom emoji packages. In addition to the new emoji panel, there is also a new sticker available for the iOS user panel with separate tabs for stickers, GIFS and emoji from Android as well as the desktop and web versions already known.

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Unfortunately (at least for the time being)also reserved for premium users: privacy settings are also available only for voice messages. Who pays for Telegram they can control who can send voice and video messages there are options available for the same as WhatsApp like everyone, my contacts, nobody. As usual from the other options, can be set expectations here too: certain people or groups of users can be selected, which then never or always voice message may send.

If you want to make other users happy with a premium subscription, this can be done now and also given away. you can use a user’s profile to tag them with a premium subscription for 3,6 or 12 months (with a discounted price), and the user is informed via a gift message.

All users will benefit from new interactive emojis, for premium users and these can also be selected as reactions to messages. As you can see all updates are available about emojis. Telegram’s plans were probably even more far-reaching with Telegram. Apple the higher resolution, vector-animated versions of the standard emoji removed, according to Durov. That’s how you came up with custom emojis to add.

They should soon also be available as a reaction or as the current status be available. According to Durov, this will also be given to “normlas” who will make it available. The changelog basically shows that this is the Telegram new path, largely and exclusively the premium to supply the users, people without subscriptions are looking into the tube.

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