Samsung Remote Test Lab: Test Apps on Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4

Android developers can now test their applications on the latest generation of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold / Flip 4 folding phones. Even if they do not have these two phones in hand, now Samsung has put these two phones added to its Remote Test Lab.

Reportedly, Samsung has started a remote test lab for its Fourth Gen foldable which is Samsung Galaxy Z Fold / Flip 4. It means the set of android developers are allowed to test their applications on these smartphones. To be noted both these devices are recently launched in a Galaxy unpacked event 2022. As Samsung is always deliberately involved in innovations and software support. So this time also they don’t want to leave any chunk untouched regarding its flagships.

Now, this Remote Test Labs program allows app developers to test and check their upcoming applications on cloud-connected devices. In offer to get a more realistic view of how these apps, it’s an approach to get a more realistic inside. It also gives the idea to the developers such as the percentage of apps that fold when the phone is folded, change etc.  It is done by using virtual software or emulators. This test provides the compatibility of the app with hardware-oriented features like Flex Mode and App Continuity.


In addition to this, the Remote test lab is all free. The only thing the user needs to do in order to use this service is to sign up for a free Samsung developer account. Apart from this, a reliable internet connection, Java runtime Environment version 7 or higher alongside with Java Web Start installed.

Also, Samsung offers 20 points to each user per day. And that can be redeemed for 5 hours of remote access to cloud-based mobile hardware per day.

Further, to install test applications remotely, there are certain other steps which need to follow. The steps allows developers to take screenshots, audio recordings and test automation scripts. It also makes to choose the language in which the user wants to test the device. This test also supports screen sharing with other developers as well. It makes it easier for multiple developers to test the app simultaneously.

Also, it is to be noted that remote test labs are not supported to test hardware peripherals. Neither it can support test calling and texting functions.

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