New participant? WhatsApp Group admins will now have the authority to approve

The upcoming WhatsApp update’s new feature, when enabled, will give group admins the power to accept or deny requests of people who want to join the group chat through a link, according to a report in WABetaInfo. Everyone is aware of the most popular chat platform here we come with another feature that is included in the house of the famous chat platform WhatsApp, especially for admins.

Recently, WhatsApp has been dappled developing a group of new features for its platform to inflate its feature list. Now, one more group chat-concentrated feature is under evaluation that gives authority to the admins to control who can join the group chat.

But the important point is that, according to WABetaInfo, in the recent WhatsApp beta, a new feature is under development that, when on, provides admins with the authority to decide who can join the group chats.  Several months ago, a few information reveal that WhatsApp was performing on a feature to let admins decide who is permitted to join a group chat. In the latest WhatsApp beta upgrade, we obtain to see the feature in action and acquire a glance at how it will come.

 A list of awaiting requests to join the group may also show underneath the toggle:

According to the shared snap, this feature is present under the Group settings, and the toggle is titled Approve new candidates. WhatsApp’s new beta update does not arrive with this feature. However, the people at WABetaInfo proficiently managed to initiate it.

Apart from that, they also think that once you are on this feature, you will see a list of awaiting requests to join the group chat below the toggle. Also, it is supposed that after this feature goes live, group admins will get a notification when someone wishes to join a group chat.

It is great to give some actual authority to the admin because it will help in storing undesirable people out of a group. Because admins will be able to ignore spam and safeguard user privacy. This will also permit admins to again verify and cross-check with the group members to examine the legitimacy of the chat request.

There is also a new power for group admins: to delete messages from other people, and silently exit from groups. The administrators of WhatsApp groups are gaining the power to delete messages by other people, WhatsApp said on Thursday, in an announcement of its upcoming “Communities” feature.


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