One UI 5 Beta vs MIUI 13.5: Features compared

Samsung emerged with the most long-anticipated objects and release the One UI 5 public beta based on Android 13. Samsung has spread out the One UI 5 beta program for Galaxy S22 series in the (US, South Korean and Europe and it is expected that it will be available soon for other regions. We already bit familiar and know some new features that will be in the upcoming firmware will added consequent as per the official changelog

One UI 5 beta (Android 13):

One UI 5 is moved on the floor, and it escorts you more dominant personalization and makes it simpler to acquire things complete over your Galaxy models. So, let’s move to see that what was the new features available on Android 13. The fresh upcoming firmware will add so many features apart from brand new UI, notifications tweak, multitasking gesture, permission window, security and privacy improvements, and Text recognition.

Now we move to glance at the alteration that Samsung Galaxy S22 with Android 13 and One UI 5 has to take as a division of its major updates after this year. And all credence goes to Samsung which enormously perform to release it before time.

One UI 5 comes with several new features:

  • Switch views with a gesture.
  • Command “Hi, Bixby”.

Stay Safe and secure:

  • Security splasher.
  • Emergency assistance.
  • Coalescent emergency contact list.
  • Alert before you share personal information.
  • Provide site’s security status.

Pictures and videos:

  • Get help with Pro mode.
  • Histogram in Pro mode.
  • Zoom more simply with one hand.
  • Easily switch to Photo mode.
  • Watermarks to your pictures.
  • Easily you can select filters.
  • Complete fresh look for Stories.
  • Now telephoto lens is supported in Food mode.

Accessible to everyone:

  • More accessibility options in the quick panel.
  • Magnifier is easier to access.
  • More spoken assistance.
  • Improved support for patterns of raised dots represent letters and numerals displays.
  • Gives effortless edit your Accessibility button.

Express yourself using emojis:

  • Fresh emojis are available for emoji pairs.
  • New AR Emoji stickers.
  • More default stickers for your AR Emoji.
  • Transparent backgrounds for AR emoji stickers.
  • Make videos with 2 emojis pairs.
  • Use any images as your emoji background.
  • Place stickers to your Google calendar.
  • Create stickers from any picture.
  • New stickers in Photo Editor.
  • More methods to edit GIFs.
  • Reposition expression buttons on Samsung Keyboard.
  • kaomoji directly from Samsung Keyboard (Japanese-style facial, *^.^*).

MIUI 13.5:

As we all aware about the new upcoming MIUI 13.5 will proceed with tremendous stability and performance. with MIUI 13.5 MIUI experience will be also enhanced with this fresh launched. MIUI 13.5 smartphone based on Android 11 As we look that Xiaomi repeatedly attempt to increase their smartphone models features for their user and make them more convenient for Xiaomi users.

As compared to previous smartphone models Xiaomi is now concentrating on their next coming new models. Several more exciting features are also added in MIUI 13.5. Some incremental enhancements are also present in this smartphone similarly MIUI 12.5. MIUI 13.5 will be released by the end of August 2022.

Features of MIUI 13.5:

Xiaomi come with very huge collection of new features to your smartphone models. With the new MIUI 13.5, you can see that the interface is much more useful for one-handed use.

  • Redesign control center.
  • Redesigned NFC Menu.
  • Battery Health Status Feature has been removed.
  • New Tablet Screen Settings and Fold Screen Settings Menu.
  • Navigation Bar Position Settings.
  • Smart Battery Remaining Time.
  • Sidebar.
  • Widgets.
  • Wallpapers.
  • Animation.
  • New icons.
  • New interface.
  • Redesign control center.

All the mention features are available in next coming MIUI 13.5 it is expected that it makes great user experience for all enjoyers.

One UI 5 Beta vs MIUI 13.5 - Features Comparison

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