One UI 5 vs HarmonyOS 3: Features compared

After the fans suffer curiosity, Samsung appears with the most awaited thing and launched the One UI 5 public beta based on Android 13. Samsung has rolled out the One UI 5 beta program for Galaxy S22 series in the global market [Germany]. We are already a bit aware of new features that the latest firmware will include due to previous predictions and rumors. Expected seems to come almost true after judging over features and functionality.

In this article, we will be going to have a very theoretical view that depicts the difference between the two. One we have already taken and another is Harmony OS 3.0 that is already debuted with Huawei MatePad Pro 11. The new OS of Huawei is expected to reach international markets soon. As it customizes improved sense to the user with multitasking, enhanced widgets, and more.

Now, let’s not further a do to observe and note the remarkable features and newly introduce functions of One UI 5 and Harmony OS 3.

One UI 5 beta (Android 13)

With consisting of more new adorable features in it One UI 5 is turned on the ground. It brings you more powerful personalization and makes it easier to get things done across your Galaxy devices. What are things available now in the One UI beta (Android 13)?

Command “Hi, Bixby”

Bixby commands on your phone so they work faster and don’t require a data connection. When you’ve got an incoming call or an alarm or timer rings, you can get help from Bixby without saying “Hi Bixby.’ Just say “ “Answer the phone” or ‘Turn off the alarm.

Stay Safe and secure

  • The security dashboard in the setting shows whether your device suffering any security issues and console to fix it.
  • By the quick action of pressing the Side key 5 times, you can call emergency service. That totally doesn’t matter where your phone is.
  • The integrated emergency contact list is a concern for the people you want to contact in case of an emergency. The list can also be used for emergency features on both your watch and your phone.
  • Sharing action may contain sensitive information, the share panel warns before you share personal information and let you think before share.
  • An icon will appear in the address bar on Samsung Internet to show a site’s security status. Tap the icon to learn which information the website collects and tracks.

Pictures and videos

  • You can get help with Pro mode while tapping tap the icon to get tips and guidance for using the various lenses, options, and controls.
  • The histogram in Pro mode checks the brightness of each tone to help you get the perfect exposure.
  • Zoom more easily with one hand or out farther with a single swipe.
  • You can easily go back to Photo mode when you use camera modes located in the More menu, a Back button is now available to take you back to Photo mode at any time.
  • Add watermarks to your pictures
  • Choose filters easily avail filter selection menu has been streamlined in Camera, Photo Editor, and Video Editor.
  • All-new look for Stories that are automatically created in your Gallery has been revamped with an immersive slideshow view. Just tap or swipe to move between pictures and videos in your story.
  • The telephoto lens is now supported in Food mode which takes better close-up shots of food using the telephoto lens.

Accessible to everyone

  • More accessibility options in the quick panel avail you with high contrast, color inversion, color adjustment, and color filter.
  • Magnifier is easier to access in Accessibility settings. It uses your camera to enlarge items in the real world so you can take a closer look or make them easier to read.
  • With more spoken assistance you can make your phone read out keyboard input so you can be sure you typed the correct letter.
  • Improved support for braille displays now provides native support for braille displays without the need to install extra apps. Your braille display will work with most features of your phone, including the initial setup process.
  • Easily edit your Accessibility button to quickly change the features you can access using the button.
  • New actions are available for Corner actions, you can now click and hold, drag, drag and drop, go to the top of the screen, or go to the bottom.

Express yourself via emoji

  • New emojis are available for emoji pairs.
  • New AR Emoji stickers.
  • More default stickers for your AR Emoji.
  • Transparent backgrounds for AR emoji stickers.
  • Create videos with 2 emojis together.
  • Use any picture as your emoji background.
  • Add stickers to your Google calendar.
  • Create stickers from any picture.
  • New stickers in Photo Editor.
  • More ways to edit GIFs.
  • Rearrange expression buttons on Samsung Keyboard.
  • kaomoji directly from Samsung Keyboard (Japanese-style facial, *^.^*).

Additional changes in One UI 5 beta (Android 13)

  • Options regarding RAM Plus can now be turned off completely in Device care if you don’t need it or don’t want it to use any storage space.
  • Turn on Show app names to make app names appear below the app icons.
  • Battery health information is to devise care that helps you check the status of your battery. If your battery’s health is declining, we’ll let you know so you can consider replacing it.
  • New layout for notifications where app icons are larger, making it easier to see which app sent the notification. Text alignment improved to make notifications easier to read.
  • Screen calls before you answer automatically to ask the reason for the call.

HarmonyOS 3.0 

As HarmonyOS 3.0 is the 3rd iteration of the company. let’s consider some remarkable features of the same and list them down.

Universal Card widget format 

The OS used the Universal Card widget format, which makes widgets adjustable in name of size, shape, and style. You can also group them up to make them more organized and it will automatically change their size to fit your set-up or you can organize them into a stack.

You can also connect two pairs of headphones/TWS allowing you and a friend to listen to the same music. This refers to the major improvement in HarmonyOS 3.0. 

Screen-to-screen share:

You can stream computer footage to your monitor, edit with higher resolution and cinematic color, zoom in while eliminating blur, and connect headphones for an immersive experience. Improved efficiency and easy creation with screen-to-screen share.

Smoother Communication:

When the tablet is nearby the phone, it automatically connects to its network to share communications. Tablets can answer mobile phone calls, receive SMS verification codes in real-time, and play online games and videos. Mobile phones conserve more energy than conventional hotspots.

Video entertainment

The smart screen stimulates the two speakers, creating a 3D stereo field that immerses you in the sounds and visuals. Whenever you don’t want to disturb your family, plug-in wireless headphones to stream audio to your headphones.

Improved Synchronization

During fitness time, you can start the treadmill by gently dragging the icon on the watch. You can also sync the data from the treadmill with your watch in real-time. To listen to music while working out, just pull the earphones again.

Smart Home

Smart homes are easy to control by mobile phones. Just touch enough to manage all your compatible smart devices.

Mobile application

Your smartphone app is car-friendly. Parking gap, launch the car’s video app, and expand the interface into double windows with parallel horizons to watch a brief video while calling the car camera to capture and upload happy clips.

Availability in HarmonyOS 3.0 

HarmonyOS 3.0 for smartphones is only available in China right now, but the MatePad Pro 11 tablet could lead to an international expansion. Starting in September 2022 in China, eligible devices will begin receiving the HarmonyOS 3 update.

During the launch event, the company also unveiled a number of products that run on HarmonyOS 3, including the MatePad Pro 11, WATCH 3 Pro, PixLab V1 Smart Printer, and others.

Privacy, Security, and Application Control center

With the latest Harmony OS 3 offered, you can directly access the application privacy profile in one step, with automatic security risk detection. The system can watch out for suspicious activities from malicious apps, you can manage and control untrusted apps, etc.

Now, while binding up the content, I expect that my information blooms you by the knowledge in which regard you were here to read for more selective news and updates stay tuned.

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