OnePlus Oxygen OS 13 vs Samsung One UI 4.1

Reportedly, OnePlus announced its all-new Oxygen OS 13 version, and as per the company, it will be coming to its portfolio of Android phones soon and later on to Android 13 as well. So in this way, it will launch first on the OnePlus 10 Pro with an open Beta that will be downloaded soon and afterwards available on the OnePlus 10T later this year.

Considering the features of Oxygen OS 13 and changes concern relatively to its earlier UI, the company promises to offer both new features and offering better user experience.

It says that the design is inspired by water and is named “Aquamorphic Design”, which is intended to offer a soothing, natural and smooth experience.

One Plus Oxygen OS 13 vs Samsung One UI 4.1

Although the overall design language sounds like Samsungs Touchwiz which was inspired by nature way back. Also, it seems like a moon ago Samsungs nature experience but all we need to do a hands-on to experience it better.

Now, here we doing a little comparative analysis between Oxygen 13 and Samsungs One UI 4.1 features. Since both the OS skins are based on the top of Android, so altogether it is going to be a healthy discussion though.

Oxygen OS 13

Oxygen OS 13 offers a new design language, tweaks and offering a variety of enhanced features. Now following are the features added:

AOD customizations

A noteworthy addition new update that brings more contextual info to your always-on-display and adds AOD
customizations. Now users will be able to integrate both Spotify and Bitmoji into it.

Folder Option / App launcher

The most notable change is in the folder option that let you make your folders larger on your home screen, at the same time, also letting you open apps in these folders without opening the folder first.


App launcher makes it easy to add widgets to the home screen.

Sidebar toolbox

Very much resembles the ColorOS slidebar, and it also works in the same manner that you can add applications and actions to it. While it can conveniently open up through the side by swiping it down with one hand.

Audio-related additions

It also adds a few audio-related updations for Google’s Audio Switch tech, Fast Pair integration, and Spatial Audio/Dolby Atmos support.

Privacy Safe 2.0 (an improved file safe)

It secures data, documents, and media files in a virtual safe so that they can’t be accessed by other applications.

Other notable features in addition to Oxygen OS 13

Nearby Share support, an AI system booster, and App Streaming. The latter lets you cast content to a Chromebook’s screen.

Samsung One UI 4.1

Samsungs One UI is said to be one of the best skin around over Android. It enriches with a lot of features and functionalities, as every version of One UI brings a lot of changes making it more versatile and offering a much better user experience than any other UI has been offered till now.

OnePlus Oxygen OS 13 vs Samsung One UI 4.1

Talking about the features of One UI then the list has no end point especially when you compare it with those Oxygen OS 13 as all of their features are not revealed yet.

  • Enhance Material You element
  • Smarter lock screen
  • RAM Plus Improvements
  • Improved Material You Colour Palette Picker
  • Smart Widgets
  • Camera Enhancements
  • New Editing Tools
  • Advanced Audio Balance Controls
  • Google Duo Live Sharing
  • Samsung Keyboard With Grammarly Integration
  • Ringtone Synchronized Vibration
  • Extra Screen Brightness
  • Improved Photo Sharing Experience
  • Improved Quick Share
  • Smart Calendar
  • Improved AR Emoji

Samsung One UI 4.1 lockscreen offers ‘at a Glance Widget‘, which intelligently brings similar information by giving you an idea of what you’ll need. It always shows the weather, date, schedules, notifications, media, and others but as far as the Lock screen is concerned.

Samsung One UI counterparts in terms of sheer photo quality, image consistency, and video quality.

Also, when it comes to One UI 4.1 then there is no denying that they can do a lot more in terms of optimisation and software. It added Samsung DeX, which can turn the Galaxy device(specifically Galaxy S22 Ultra) into a full PC desktop-like set-up and expand your mobile capabilities.

Alongside One UI 4.1, the company started updating its Bixby voice wake-up app with the latest version number In this, you don’t need to press a button when you want to call Bixby instead you can do it hands-free with Voice wake-up. Once this feature is set up, all you have to do is say “Hi, Bixby,” and Bixby will be at your service.

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