Samsung Galaxy One UI watch 4.5 new features added

A full-touch QWERTY keyboard for a seamless typing experience and a more convenient calling along with organised features of accessibility options are ready to offer on the upcoming One UI Watch 4.5, this definitely gives users to have a more contented Galaxy Watch experience they ever get. And these fantastic Galaxy One UI Watch 4.5 is set to release in the third quarter of this year with more added features going to be revealed soon.

Reportedly, Samsung released the first beta version of One UI Watch 4.5 for the Galaxy Watch 4 series recently. Now the company has announced a stable version of One UI Watch 4.5 will soon be released to the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

For the users, who are not aware of this or who have not much into it then basically Galaxy One UI watch 4.5 is the succeeder of the Galaxy watch 4 series which is probably based on Wear OS 3.5 as revealed by the company, earlier smart watches were running on Wear OS 3.2.

Samsung Galaxy One UI Watch 4.5 upcoming features:

As Samsung always comes with innovations and makes their product more technically enabled, now this time also they try to bring a smooth and more complete experience to the user, now talking about the features that the South Korean giant added in Galaxy One UI watch 4.5 are as follows:

QWERTY Keyboard along with any time Swap input methods

One UI watch 4.5, added with full typing Qwerty keyboard for enhancing typing experience on screen, would be it responding to the messages or your professional emails anytime, now user can also take advantage of the new full QWERTY keyboard with Swipe to type in addition to dictating and handwriting respectively, which makes communicating with your watch very comfortable.

Also instead of sticking to one input method, a user also has the choice to dictate a message and then change to the keyboard if they need more privacy.

Dual Sim support for easy calling

Now making a call on Galaxy watch 4.5 are effortless and credit goes to dual Sim support, Users have the option to set a preferred SIM on their Galaxy smartphone and have it automatically synced on their Galaxy Watch as well.

With an ‘Easy-to-read’ interface, which shows which SIM are being in use, also users have a choice to easily switch between the preferred SIMS from their Galaxy Watch if they set it to ‘Always Ask’ mode’.

Multiple and Customise watch faces

Along with great features and functionality, Samsung also takes care of colour elements and style as well, as they offer more watch face customizability so it better compliments to your wearable. To add the cherry on the top, one can enjoy their favourite watch face in their various styles by adding the watch face to their favourite list multiple times and customizing each instance with different colours and complications, so there’s no need to go through the entire list.

More accessibility Hearing Enhancements

To give the user a complete experience, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.5 provide more accessibility features which include contrast, font size, hue, tap duration, and repeated touch input options. Users can also remove the blur effect and transparency.

Samsung has also added auditory assistance for those who are hard of hearing which allows the customization of left/right audio balance for connected wireless audio devices, which enhances hearing capabilities and provide more clarity to the audio sound.

Touch Inputs and Dexterity Options

This also gives a user option of touch input support so that they can extend the timing for screen tap interaction, which reduces the repeated touch inputs for better control.

Earlier it was revealed that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will be unveiled on 10 August 2022, now have a quick look at the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Series Key Specifications:

  • Watch 5: 40mm and 44mm
  • Watch 5 Pro: 45/46mm
  • Watch 5: 276mAh (40mm), 397mAh (44mm)
  • Watch 5 Pro (45mm): 572mAh
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Sleep monitoring with REM
  • Multiple sports modes
  • ECG

For information about Galaxy Watch 5 Series click here

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