Galaxy Watch 4 Wear OS 3.5 update coming in next three months

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 users here is the good news for you all. As we know that Galaxy Watch 4 series is in the beta testing stage and now Samsung is officially confirmed when One UI 4.5 will be available to everyone.

Samsung said that Wear OS 3.5 (One UI 4.5), will land on the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic in “Q3 2022”. So if we calculate from the time of writing this article, we hope to see this update before the end of September.

Meanwhile, the South Korean tech firm is preparing the launch of its new Galaxy Watch 5 series in mid-August and will most likely run this update from launch. It stands to reason that the Galaxy Watch 4 will see that update in the same time period.

What will be changed we will see in One UI 4.5 for the Galaxy Watch 4 series?

  • First of all the keyboard now supports a full QWERTY layout with gesture typing
  • Support for Dual-SIM cellular connections
  • Ability to “copy your favorite watch faces and then swap available colors and combinations to create the look you want.”

Samsung also described several accessibility improvements found within One UI 4.5. The company explains:

Users who have a difficult time distinguishing colors will be able to adjust the display to their preferred hue and increase contrast to make fonts easier to read. Other features for visual assistance include reduced transparency and blur effects as well as removal of animations. In addition, auditory assistance for those difficult of hearing allows users to balance the sound from the left and right audio output for their connected Bluetooth headset.

Those who need added support for touch inputs can extend the duration for screen tap interaction with Tap duration and can disable repeated touch inputs with Ignore repeated touches for better control.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Wear OS 3.5 update 1 Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Wear OS 3.5 update Galaxy Watch 4 Wear OS 3.5 update

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