Samsung Display estimates to purchase 300-400 patents for Cynora “Possibility of strategic weapons”

Reportedly, It is estimated that Samsung Display purchased 300 to 400 OLED patents from Cynora in Germany. Although it is difficult to evaluate industry moves right away at this point of time. Therefore, presently there is a forecast that the Cynorra patent can become a ‘strategic weapon’ for Samsung Display. At the same time, there is an opinion that LG Display, which invested in Cynorra, did not purchase the Cynora patent, which also proves that expectations for technology commercialization are not high.

What Cynora do

CYNORA innovates OLED materials to enable a new generation of foldable, flexible, and transparent displays. The company is a leading global pioneer of novel TADF-based blue and green emitter systems that will improve the power efficiency and color purity of OLED displays.

Enabling transformative displays

CYNORA has been developing high-efficiency blue OLED materials. In currently commercialized OLEDs, phosphorescent materials with an internal luminous efficiency of 100% are used for red and green. Still, only a fluorescent material with an internal luminous efficiency of 25% is used for blue. For this reason, several companies are researching phosphorescent or thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) OLED materials to increase the efficiency of blue OLED materials. Cynorra has been developing TADF-based materials.

Samsung display owns 81 US and 57 Korean patents

Samsung Display purchased 81 US patents for Cynorra in May 320 family patents of US patents whereas 57 Korean patents, Now it is predicted that the same were used by Samsung strategically in the future with some add on to capture the market share rather than to use it directly, as Samsung Display is currently developing for commercialization both for phosphorescence and TADF technology which are applied to blue OLED devices.

Also, in TADF technology, there is an evaluation that the Japanese brand Qlux, which jumped into technology development earlier than Cynorra, which is said to be the superior one.

Quick Single: Samsung to buy German display company Cynora GmbH

Amount to be invested

As per news coming from the source, the amount Samsung Display used to purchase this patent was said to be between $80 million and $90 million (about 100 billion to 120 billion won). After news of the patent, the purchase was announced through foreign media last week, the estimated purchase price from the industry varied from 70 billion won to the mid 100 billion won (low 100 million won). A few days later, the prevailing view is that the amount of patent purchases will be less than $100 million (about 130 billion won).

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