Samsung Display negotiating prices for its new Gen 8.5 OLED

According to The Elec report, iPhone maker Apple has started the process of the display panels for the second-generation OLED iPad models.

As per the latest news, the South Korean tech firm Samsung is negotiating prices for its new Gen 8.5 OLED which is said to be designed for OLED display panels for devices such as tablets.

If the deal got finalized then Samsung will start to mass-produce Gen 8.5 OLED panels by the end of 2024 for Apple’s second-generation OLED iPad.

Apple reduces its iPad and MacBook series devices with the mini LED displays, and OLED will be the next step after that. Apple previously used OLED displays in its latest iPhones and all Apple Watch models.

The first-generation OLED iPad models, consisting of the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros, are expected to use displays from LG Display and Samsung, using existing 6th-generation OLED production lines. The second-generation OLED iPad will move to 8.5-generation OLED panels, which is more economical for larger devices than using the 6th-generation, which is more suitable for smaller devices such as smartphones because more OLED panels can be produced per substrate.

Apple New Product Key Highlight:

  • 8.5-generation OLED displays
  • First MacBook with an OLED display would launch in 2025

Apple seems to launch the first OLED iPad model in 2024, so the display for the second-generation model is expected to be mass-produced in late 2024 and possibly some time in 2025.

Samsung Display negotiating prices for its new Gen 8.5 OLED

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