Samsung Voice Recorder September 2023 update rolling out

Samsung is progressing on its recent version of software update as well as the One UI, official Good Lock is one of the best examples because it consists of bouquet-full features, based on Android 13 support. Hereafter, Samsung brings some things to the Voice Recorder app as it’s up next plan. The company has started rolling out the September 2023 app update to the Samsung Voice Recorder and it is rolling with version The latest update brings One UI 5.1.1 support.

Samsung Voice Recorder Update Changelog

Support direct Playback feature on Z-Flip’s Cover screen for One UI 5.1.1 devices.
– Bug fixes

Old changelog

– Support Android 13 (One UI 5)
– Support Color Palette
– Recent searches setting (on/off)
– Permissions updates

– Quick Player supported ( quickly open voice recording from other applications)
– Touch targets implementation
– Bug fixes

Samsung’s Voice Recorder App brings Android 13 and One UI 5 support and search suggestions deplete

Voice Recorder App comes as the system software for the Galaxy smartphone. Samsung has also added a feature that is only to be served on Android 12 and higher-based devices, of the Voice Recorders’ new version. However, Android 13 and One UI 5.0 support are available on the Galaxy Store for the app.

If you choose a custom color palette for the user interface when applying a wallpaper, the color palette will also be applied to the Voice Recorder app (see the image below; the screenshot on the right is with the color palette applied) in the recent version of the Voice Recorder.

Previously, searched for anything in the Voice Recorder app, it would be saved as suggestions for the next time you hit the search button. Voice Recorder has also got the option to turn off the recent searches option.  Now we can ensure our privacy that the app doesn’t save any search keywords at all.

Samsung’s Voice Recorder app is the latest to officially support Android 13

Samsung is updating its app also updating many of its flagships and some mid-rangers with Android 13. In the sense of supporting features and upgrading functionality. Samsung has lately rolled out the upgrade for all its Galaxy S lineups going back to the Galaxy S20 series and to the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Although the upgradation excludes the Fan Editions. And here it is just not done it will soon supply the potential of a new OS Android 13/One UI 5.0 in the coming weeks in more and more devices. Samsung will be updating many flagships and some mid-rangers to Android 13 before the end of this month.

Samsung Voice Recorder One UI 5

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