Ultra-High Resolution Samsung 200MP Telephoto Cameras: HP2 and HP3

The smartphone users nowadays usually select smartphones based on their cameras for two reasons. First, we use the camera a lot in our daily life. Second, even if you’re not a camera expert, you can tell if the camera is good or not just by looking at the pictures.

Smartphone cameras have been getting better over the last ten years, but there are still some problems because smartphones are small and slim. Every year, people expect new phones to have even better cameras, but they also want the phones to be thinner and lighter.

To solve this problem, phone companies are making a special kind of camera called a telephoto camera. This camera has been getting better over time, thanks to improvements in technology. Now, many top phone companies are adding these improved telephoto cameras to their best phones. Instead of being just an extra camera, the telephoto camera is becoming one of the main cameras.

Why Telephoto Cameras Are the Next Big Thing

Portrait photography is one of the areas in which telephoto-camera features truly shine. To shoot distant stills, many smartphone users use the high magnification mode on their telephoto camera. When it comes to portraits, however, they tend to take shots using wide mode. The issue is that the field of view distorts close objects, making it challenging to capture the subject accurately.

Samsung 200MP Telephoto Cameras news

Comparison of Wide and Telephoto Sensors


  • Optical Format – 1/1.3″
  • Resolution: 200MP
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.6 µm
  • Single Frame HDR: Smart-ISO Pro, DSG
  • FPS: 4K (120), 8K (30), FHD (480)


  • Optical Format – 1/1.34″
  • Resolution: 200MP
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.56 µm
  • Single Frame HDR: Smart-ISO Pro
  • FPS: 4K (120), 8K (30), FHD (480)


  • Optical Format – 1/2.76″
  • Resolution: 50MP
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.64 µm
  • FPS: 4K (60), FHD (240)


  • Optical Format – 1/3″
  • Resolution: 11MP
  • Pixel Pitch: 1.22µm
  • FPS:  FHD (30)

Samsung said “ISOCELL’s 200MP sensors offer 2x and 4x in-sensor zoom capability with no loss of resolution, thanks to the superior remosaic algorithm. The 4x zoom scene above shows image quality comparable to that of an optical 3x module, an outstanding achievement that makes separate optical zoom systems seem less necessary. The algorithm rearranges color pixels into an RGB Bayer pattern, so a 200MP sensor can maintain 12.5MP at 1x/2x/4x zoom with no loss of resolution. Since a smartphone’s main wide camera typically defaults to 12MP at 1x mode, this technology enables users to experience the same resolution at 2x/4x zoom.

Samsung 200MP Telephoto Cameras

In particular, the 200MP ISOCELL HP2 and ISOCELL HP3 improve zoomed shooting quality by applying a deep-learning-based remosaic algorithm that better enables the expression of scene-optimized details. Additionally, with flagship application processors (APs) like the Snapdragon® Mobile Platform, adopting internals that favor parallel computation, such as digital signal processors (DSPs) and graphics processing units (GPUs), has created synergy and significantly improved image quality.”

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