IoT card: Samsung collaborates with KB Kookmin Card and Amex

On September 19, 2023, the South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics officially signed a business agreement (MOU) with KB Kookmin Card and American Express on the 19th to launch an IoT (Internet of Things) card.

All the companies will cooperate to provide a credit card location verification service based on Samsung’s ‘SmartThings Find’ platform. SmartThings Find is a location confirmation service using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology that helps you quickly find various types of Samsung devices, including Galaxy smartphones, tablets, and wearables.

If you apply SmartThings Find to a credit card and connect it to a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you can provide functions such as checking the location of the IoT card at home and abroad, notifying when the smartphone and IoT card become distant and locating the smartphone connected to the IoT card. .

Samsung Electronics Vice President Park Chan-woo said, “Through this business agreement, we will be able to manage the location of not only Samsung Galaxy devices but also various partner products such as credit cards,” and added, “We will provide higher satisfaction and value to customers by utilizing the SmartThings Find platform.” “I plan to do it,” he said.

IoT card Samsung collaborates with KB Kookmin Card and Amex

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