Android Auto useful feature has stopped working

Once again Android Auto users are now facing a new issue. Android Auto represents a very useful tool for users who find themselves driving a vehicle. Yes, you read that right, we are talking about Android Auto Voice commands.

All the users both on Reddit and on the Google support forum, Android Auto does not allow the use of one of the functions most necessary for its operation.

Several users cannot use Android Auto voice commands

Voice commands are really handy on Android Auto. They let you control the car’s entertainment system using your voice, so you don’t need to use your hands and can concentrate on driving.

Recently, people have been saying that the voice commands on Android Auto have suddenly stopped working over the past two days. This issue doesn’t seem to be related to specific types of cars or phones – it’s happening to everyone who tries to use it. When trying to use the voice commands, the users see the following message returned by the system: “Voice commands are not available at the moment”.

Android Auto August 2023

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