Samsung SDS to reveal Generative AI Service in September 2023

Samsung SDS is reportedly planning to unveil its enterprise-level generative AI service next month. The South Korean tech giant will reveal the new AI service at “Real Summit 2023” scheduled for Sept. 12, to its clientele and the media.

Samsung SDS has been progressing with the development of an enterprise-level generative AI service with enhanced security. High security and integration with the cloud are pivotal for enterprise-level generative AI. Unlike openly available AIs like ChatGPT, which learn from external data inputs, the enterprise version typically integrates with a more closed, internal cloud.

Currently, Samsung SDS filed for trademarks related to natural language processing software such as Simply Chat, and is in the process of reviewing related names.

Samsung AI News

Samsung Electronics is making its own special AI because of security problems inside the company. They are working together with Samsung SDS. In Samsung Electronics, the Device Experience (DX) part of Samsung Research and SAIT (which used to be called the Advanced Institute of Technology) in the DS semiconductor part are working hard to create their own AI.

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