Samsung searching for talents in AI and CE fields to strengthen the research ecosystem

To make better research capabilities for the future, Samsung Electronics wants to find smart people who know about AI and computer engineering in Korea.

Samsung Electronics used to be called the Institute of Advanced Technology. They organized the ‘Samsung AI/CE Challenge 2023’ for students in Korea’s colleges and universities. This happened from August 21st to October 20th. Samsung wanted to help students who are good at new technology.

This challenge has been happening for three years now. It’s a contest for students who like science and technology. It helps company to do research and learn more.

If students want to join, they can apply starting from August 21st. People interested in AI can apply until October 2nd, and those into computer engineering can apply until October 20th. The results will be announced at the end of October on the Samsung Electronics SAIT website.

A total of 16 teams, including the grand prize in each contest category, will be selected and awarded. The best 1 team in each category will be awarded 10 million won, the excellent 1 team will be awarded 5 million won, and the 2 encouragement teams will be awarded 3 million won each. The award ceremony will be held at the ‘Samsung AI Forum’ to be held on November 7th.

Samsung AI

Samsung Electronics SAIT conducts mentoring sessions with SAIT AI/CE research leaders for the winners, and also holds the ‘Samsung AI/CE Challenge Camp’ to exchange research results and ideas among award-winning teams..

“SAIT is overcoming the limitations of R&D in various fields such as next-generation semiconductors, computer vision, and computing systems based on AI,” said Jin Kyo-young, president of SAIT at Samsung Electronics. We will strengthen the domestic ecosystem for and expand the base of future technology research, while continuing to discover excellent human resources.”

Eunho Kim of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Pohang University of Science and Technology, who won the grand prize last year, said, “I was able to think more deeply about research fields by participating in the ‘Samsung Electronics AI/CE Challenge’.” I gained a broader perspective, and being able to have academic exchanges with students who are researching the same field was a great motivation,” he said.

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