How to enable Q-Symphony to sync your Neo QLED TV

Samsung is now giving important help to TV and soundbar users for sync. The company has now officially announced Q-Symphony. A unique and intelligent feature, it takes the amazing sound output from your TV and combines it with the soundbar simultaneously.

How you can enable Q-Symphony on Samsung Neo QLED TV

  • Follow these steps to enable Q Symphony:
  • The setup is pretty easy; first, you’ll need an a HDMI or an optical audio cable
  • If you’re using an HDMI, connect the cable from the soundbar to the TV
  • Once you’re connected, go to your TV’s home screen
  • Then, select a sound output from the quick settings

Follow these steps for manual setup

  • First, select Settings, and then pair it with sound
  • Do you see the soundbar and TV pair you connected?
  • Just choose the TV + AV soundbar pair, and you’re all set

Enjoy the full-scale sound from the content you are watching.

Q-Symphony to sync your Neo QLED TV

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