Apple is in talks with display suppliers to launch a foldable MacBook model [Samsung, LG]

Apple is reportedly in talks with display suppliers to develop and launch a foldable MacBook model in future. According to the latest information, iPhone phone maker Apple is expected to introduce the foldable laptop as early as 2026.

The grwoth of foldable panels deand is now rapidly increasing in IT devices, Korean companies are also actively coordinating their efforts in the development and production of foldable OLED panels for laptops. Samsung Display is expected to invest 4.1 trillion won (US$3.1 billion) to manufacture 8.6-generation OLED panels between 2025 and 2026. Similarly, LG Display is investing in medium-sized OLED panels, including those intended for tablet PCs.

While achieving high definition foldable challenges, larger-sized displays are expected to yield higher profits in the industry. However, Korean manufacturers have yet to release laptops featuring foldable OLED panels, despite having introduced laptops with OLED panels. Samsung Electronics has only obtained trademark rights for foldable laptops.

Currently, Asus leads the foldable laptop market. In September 2022, the Taiwanese laptop maker launched the world’s first 17-inch foldable OLED laptop, called the ZenBook 17 Fold OLED. Reports indicate that this product incorporates panels sourced from China’s BOE.

Foldable MacBook model

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