Samsung X TOILETPAPER: Bespoke refrigerators arrive in Italy

Samsung has officially announced the availability of limited edition panels for Bespoke refrigerators in the Italian market. These panels have been created by TOILETPAPER, an artistic collective founded by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. This collaboration brings together iconic and irreverent design, offering appliances that not only have advanced functionality but also allow individuals to express their personal style.

The announcement was made during Design Week 2023, where the public got a first look at the four unique designs: ‘Dessert Lady’, ‘Lipsticks’, ‘Magic Mirror’, and ‘Roses with Eyes’.

The product is now available for purchase on the Samsung website, specifically for the Combi models of the Bespoke refrigerators. They can be obtained for €1,599, providing an opportunity for individuals to add a touch of creativity and style to their homes.

This collaboration between Samsung and TOILETPAPER represents a significant foray into the household appliances segment, expanding the boundaries of artistic expression.

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Samsung X TOILETPAPER Bespoke refrigerators

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