Samsung Levant Partners with 4Bridges for Built-in Kitchen Appliances [Erbil Boulevard]

Samsung Electronics Levant has officially announced a partnership with 4Bridges, the developer of the luxurious Erbil Boulevard project. The collaboration aims to provide 1,600 apartments in the Erbil Boulevard development with a range of built-in kitchen appliances and air conditioners from Samsung.

Samsung’s built-in kitchen appliances are better known for providing modern design, offering a variety of cooking solutions to meet your needs. The appliances are high-performing and aim to provide the latest kitchen solutions to cater to different tastes and requirements.

Each apartment in the Erbil Boulevard project will be equipped with a built-in 4-burner gas cooker, an extractor hood with a washable aluminum filter, a separate dual cooking feature in the built-in oven, and a built-in smart microwave. Samsung has carefully selected this range of appliances to ensure that every kitchen is equipped with modern and functional designs.

The Erbil Boulevard project, situated in the heart of Erbil and covering an area of 53,000 square meters, comprises 10 upscale residential towers. These towers will house 1,600 luxury apartments, along with commercial spaces, shopping areas, and ample green spaces, accounting for over 60% of the project’s total area.

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