Samsung SDI and General Motors to establish EV Battery plant in Indiana

Samsung SDI and General Motors (GM) have officially stated their plans to construct a joint venture electric vehicle battery plant in Indiana, USA. The goal is to begin mass production by 2026. For your information, the location that both companies selected is New Carlisle in St. Joseph County, Indiana.

In April this year, Samsung SDI and GM showcased their intention to invest over US$3 billion (approximately 4 trillion won) in building a battery factory together in Indiana.

The joint venture site in New Carlisle will cover an expansive area of approximately 2.65 million square meters. Its aim is to produce batteries with a total capacity of 30 gigawatt hours per year. These batteries will include high-nickel cathodes and come in both rectangular and cylindrical designs. They will be exclusively utilized in GM’s upcoming electric vehicle models.

This collaboration represents Samsung SDI’s second joint venture factory with a local automotive manufacturer in North America. Concurrently, Samsung SDI is also involved in constructing a battery facility in Kokomo, Indiana, in partnership with Stellantis. The investment for this project amounts to US$2.5 billion (equivalent to 3.2 trillion won).  With these ambitious plans, both companies are looking to make significant contributions to sustainable transportation and the wider adoption of electric vehicles in the United States.

Samsung SDI and General Motors to establish EV Battery plant

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