TSMC overtake 60% market share, while Samsung foundry drops by 12%

The sales volume of the top 10 semiconductors substrate manufacturing dropped by 18.6% globally as compared to last quarter. On the other hand, the market share for Taiwan’s TSMC, tend to be one of the top player growing by 60%. Samsung Electronics share records a decline of 12%.

Recently market research firm Trendforce reported that the sales volume of the top 10 foundry operations in Q1 shrink by 18.6% with respect to the previous quarter. In terms of numbers then it records sales of US$27.33 billion.

TrendForce describes that this result comes from reduced demand due to a semiconductor industry downturn. Apart from this, it would be an impact on the off-season. As company released an analysis report that depicts that sales also decreased as a result of the reduction in operating rates and shipment volume of the respective companies.

Also, with the magnitude of sales going down, there were alterations in the rankings. Noticeably, U.S based global foundries were positioned at fourth place in the last quarter. It surpasses Taiwan’s UMC to record third place. On the other hand, Israel’s Tower Semiconductor which was in eighth place took Taiwan’s PSMC to stand to the seventh position.

The gap between the two major giants, Taiwan’s TSMC and Samsung Electronics tends to be widened further. TSMC’s Q1 sales were down by 16.2% from the previous quarter to $16.735 billion. While its market share goes up by 1.6 percentage points to 60.1%. Coming to Samsung Electronics, then its saw its sales drop by 36.1% to US$3.446 billion. It records a market share of 12.4%, which is down 3.4 percentage points.

TrendForce stated, “TSMC’s operating rate for 7/6 nanometers and 5/4 nanometers processes fell by more than 20% due to weakened demand for laptops and smartphones.” They added, “Samsung Electronics saw a decrease in Q1 sales due to a reduction in the operating rate of both 8-inch and 12-inch wafers.”

Samsung and TSMC

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