Samsung XR device to feature hand tracking technology

Samsung is reportedly working on a new XR device. The device is expected to launch with the model number SM-I120. It will be a new VR headset that includes displays and external cameras. The System LSI division of Samsung that makes Exynos processors and ISOCELL camera sensors has already started taking its first step toward making processors for XR devices.

Now, according to the reliable tipster Tech_Reve, Samsung’s upcoming XR device will feature hand-tracking technology, allowing control without the need for controllers, similar to Apple’s Vision Pro.

Samsung XR device to feature hand tracking technology (1)

Apple recently announced its entry into the AR/VR market with the announcement of its Vision Pro headset, a $3499 product targeted for release in 2024. It’s a futuristic device to capture photos and videos, and the way users interact with these media. Vision Pro also runs apps just like an iPhone but projects them over real life. Also, instead of using a mouse and keyboard, it’s meant to control the Vision Pro with your eyes, hands and voice.

Apple's Vision Pro

According to Counterpoint Research, over 110 million XR devices could be sold yearly by 2025, a massive jump from the current 18 million units per year. Also IDC stated that the XR devices market will reach $50.9 billion in 2025, up from $13.9 billion in 2022.

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