Google Assistant New Voices Lime and Indigo Are Here

Google released two new Voices styles, just while not switching the priority from Assistant and completely concentrating on generative AI capabilities. Previously, Google Assistant used to receive regular updates and new features but it’s not the same any longer. Google focusing on making Bard the best AI chatbot option.

However, Google remembers Assistant as it has now released two new voice styles. Let’s check what are

Google Assistant New Voices Lime and Indigo Are Here

The search giant announced in an official blog post that adding two new voice styles to Google Assistant Lime and Indigo. Google shared their opinion about the colors named new voices will bring more diversity to existing options.

Lime is a voice style of a male and Indigo is a voice style of a female. These have joined Red, Orange, Amber, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Pink, British Racing Green (British accent), and Sydney Harbor Blue (Australian accent). Red is the default voice style you get with Google Assistant out of the box. With the latest release, Assistant now has five male voices and seven female voices to choose from.

On your Google Assistant itself, you can listen to both voices as long as it is set to U.S. English. This is because new voices are available only in American English which is also the case with most of the other 10 voices.

How to Change Google Assistant Voice?

Ok, so you might be thinking to change the Google Assistant voice. You can do it in two ways. The first one is to use voice command and just say, “Hey Google, change your voice.” It can turn out to be a time-consuming one depending on the device you have. Google Assistant supports a total of 29 languages and some of them allow you to choose different voice styles. It works most conveniently on smartphones as you get to scroll through voices which is a much faster experience.


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