Samsung to launch 83-inch OLED TV in collaboration with LG Display

Samsung and LG Display together looking to establish a visible “OLED alliance.” According to the latest report from BussinessKorea, Samsung Electronics recently completed compatibility registration for the 83-inch OLED TV (KQ83SC90A) at the National Radio Research Institute. It means the new product will arrive within three months of registration (Early September 2023).

Currently, LG is leading in the 83-inch panels market and now Samsung Electronics will also join the race for the first 83-inch OLED TV release.

Samsung Electronics stated, “We cannot confirm matters related to component procurement and supply lines.” However, it is expected that Samsung Electronics and LG Display will dramatically resolve the panel supply negotiations that have dragged on for more than 2 years.

If you look at the OLED TVs market stats, the South Korean tech giant Samsung’s market share was 6.1%, following LG Electronics’ 54.6% and Sony’s 26.1%, ranking third.

Meanwhile, the units are expected to be around 500,000 units, so the sales volume of Samsung OLED TVs is expected to increase sharply.

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Samsung introduces 83-inch OLED TV in collaboration with LG Display

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