Google’s Emoji Wallpapers releasing on Android 14 Beta 3

Lately, Google has rolled Emoji Wallpapers on Android 14 Beta 3 for some Pixel phones following the announcement at I/O 2023…..!! With that customizable background is now starting to appear soon after yesterday’s Android 14 Beta 3.

Especially following the addition of lock screen customization accessed from Wallpaper & Style like any other collection, you can select up to 14 emoji characters for a background.

Once done, the pattern tab lets you pick between Mosaic, Lotus, Stacks, Sprinkle, and Prism styles. You can also customize the density with a slider. Color is the last step of personalization and applies to both emoji color and the background. Throughout this UI, you can also choose to “Randomize” the wallpaper.

Ultimately, Emoji Wallpaper can be make live with animated effects as you tap. This will cause characters to react when you tap.

Some beta testers (Mishaal Rahman) on Android 14 Beta 3 observing an update a close in the Play Store for an “Emoji Workshop Wallpaper” app. The direct link (which currently only loads on Android 14) does not let you manually download it, in case this update is not yet offered to your device. For now, it is exclusively available for Android 14 devices.

At I/O, Google said Emoji Wallpapers are rolling out in June for Pixel phones. We’re still waiting for this month’s Feature Drop (with Android 13 QPR3), and that’s the most likely period for launch.

Google’s Emoji Wallpapers releasing on Android 14 Beta 3

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