Check air quality using Google apps and Search

We never know exactly what we are about to come across when leaving our native place or stepping towards joy. Growing smoke and pollutants weather are meant to be unfortunate conditions while going to be tracked across thousands of miles. Checking the air quality before you step outside is vital these days.

If you didn’t think in the same era, therefore, this is prior to note, you can check air quality using Google apps and Search, check it below……!!

Plucking to the fastest way to go to gather air quality information about not just where you are but in other locations as well. The database is reliably sourced via and NOAA, which means the data is up to date.

Here’s how to do it:

  • In Google Search – in any form – enter “Air quality [location].”

Check air quality using Google apps and Search

Depending on what location you ask for, you should see a map with colored labels. The legend of those colors is right below the map and indicates what the quality value is for that color. For instance, green is anywhere from 0 to 50, while red is 150 to 200. Obviously, the more red or purple the color, the worse the quality is.

Google Maps

A new tool was introduced last year by Google Maps that allows users to see an air quality layer in the app. Our source has declared that feature is available for all and is very easy to access. It comes in handy for those needing to see the extent of a certain event, like a wildfire.

Here’s how to use it:
  1. In Google Maps, find and hit the layers button.
  2. Look for and hit Air Quality.
    • Tip: If you don’t see it, hit More.

Check air quality using Google apps and Search

At a Glance on Pixel

A Pixel device owner likely using At a Glance from Google. At a Glance is the text widget that appears at the top of the phone and on the home screen. During weather events like the wildfires happening in Canada at the time of writing, you’ll see an air quality index value – AQI. While it doesn’t appear often, it usually shows a number and color.

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