Samsung June 2023 security patch fixes flaws in Knox ID, Exynos baseband, and more

Samsung has officially published all the details of the June 2023 security patch. The new security update has already been released to the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Samsung’s June 2023 patch fixes over 60 security flaws found in Galaxy devices

The June 2023 security patch includes fixes for 61 security flaws found in Samsung smartphones and tablets. The latest June 2023 security patch includes fixes for three critical and 47 High levels of CVEs. Samsung has also fixed 11 security flaws that were termed Moderate.

Google patches include patches up to Android Security Bulletin – June 2023 package. The Bulletin (June 2023) contains the following CVE items:

CVE-2023-21127, CVE-2023-21108, CVE-2023-21130

CVE-2023-26085, CVE-2022-46396, CVE-2022-46891, CVE-2022-46395, CVE-2022-46394, CVE-2021-0877, CVE-2023-21102, CVE-2023-21106, CVE-2023-20697, CVE-2023-20698, CVE-2023-20726, CVE-2023-20694, CVE-2023-20695, CVE-2023-20696, CVE-2023-21665, CVE-2023-21666, CVE-2022-40508, CVE-2022-40504, CVE-2022-34144, CVE-2022-33305, CVE-2022-47487, CVE-2022-47469, CVE-2022-47470, CVE-2022-47486, CVE-2022-47488, CVE-2023-0266, CVE-2023-21126, CVE-2023-21128, CVE-2023-21129, CVE-2023-21131, CVE-2023-21139, CVE-2023-21105, CVE-2023-21136, CVE-2023-21137, CVE-2023-21143, CVE-2023-20965, CVE-2023-21115, CVE-2023-21121, CVE-2023-21122, CVE-2023-21123, CVE-2023-21124, CVE-2023-21135, CVE-2023-21138, CVE-2023-21095, CVE-2023-21141, CVE-2023-21142, CVE-2023-21144


Already included in previous updates

Not applicable to Samsung devices
CVE-2023-20699, CVE-2022-25713, CVE-2022-33273

Some of the security vulnerabilities found in Galaxy smartphones and tablets were found in Improper privilege management in CC Mode, Exynos baseband, Improper Knox ID validation and more.

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Samsung June 2023 Security Patch Details

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