Crossfade songs feature coming back to iOS with next major build iOS 17

Just like you would hear on a Top 40 radio station, the ‘Crossfade songs feature’ plays the current song slowly fade out as it ends while the next song on the playlist gets louder. This feature was once there on the iOS version of Apple Music and remains on the Android version of the app is coming back to iOS with the next major build of the mobile operating system (which would be iOS 17).

You can enable crossfading by going to Settings > Music > Crossfade. Use the toggle switch to enable the feature, Once you have iOS 17 installed. In case you don’t want the feature don’t enable the crossfade feature, then song playing will stop suddenly when it ends and the next song will start to play. The crossfade delivers a smoother transition between tunes and there is less of a jarring shock between songs.

The desktop version of iTunes also allows songs to crossfade, in case you don’t have the Apple Music app on your iPhone. Other than that if you are using an Android phone you might not have the Apple Music app installed. That can be found through the app from the Google Play Store on Android.

Expectingly, Apple to release the first iOS 17 Public Beta next month with the final version. Which will Simultaneously the new iPhone 15 line is launched in September release. Hope you all are also excited to see the feature by the close.

Crossfade songs feature coming back to iOS with next major build iOS 17

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