Custom lock screen clocks coming to Android 14

Android users, those who are excited about Android 14, are eagerly seeking new custom lock screen clocks that will be going to available for the platform. As per the tweet from Android researcher and tech expert as well as journalist Mishaal Rahman explain, the certain clock options that subsequently going to be available are probably this month’s Android 14 Beta 3 release. Consecutively, the next Android 14 Beta should have platform stability. This indicates all app-facing behaviors and APIs are final.

It is noted that platform stability doesn’t means that the upcoming release won’t have bugs. While it indicates that the focus is on smoothing up the next Android build. It is notable that if someone intended to join the Android 14 Beta program with the next release. Then you will need to be stuck until its stable and final version, released in August. Otherwise, it leads to performing a factory reset, resulting in an early withdrawal. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a backup of all your data before joining any Beta program.

New APIs going to be available in Android 14

In addition to this, the customized lock screen clocks can be set in order to show time in various colors. While the size of the clock can be altered between Dynamic and Small. Notably, Dynamic is those where the clock size changes as per lock screen content. According to Mishaal, the new APIs going to be available in Android 14, the same enable apps to display the health of the battery in your Android phone. Since these APIs can be utilized the app required permission which is BATTERY_STATS respectively.

Also, the data that will be available to Android users comprise the date that the battery was manufactured. The date, to which the battery was first used, cycle count, the health of the battery, and more. Notably, Rahman first noticed the feature in an Android 13 QPR Beta, but it is not included in the Android 14 beta releases.

Android 14

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