Samsung impressively transformed the public experience with Digital signage

Digital signage impressively emerges as the most attractive way in order to attract customers. It substantially helps to make the business more modern. With the help of this, it is possible to make more immersive and dynamic experiences to cater audience. Since, Samsung is the global market leader in technology, also when it comes to home television then considered as one of the main players. At the same time, its expertise in the B2B segment with solutions essentially brings more practicality to entrepreneurs in any field.


Additionally, more than just promoting a product, Samsung’s professional displays depict true immersive experiences. The best example of this was the impressive digital waterfall showcased in Times Square in New York. This has been installed on the side of the One Times Square building. It has a dimension of 110 meters and more than 1,081 square meters overall. The panel housed a high pixel density and 9,000 NITS of brightness, distinctly demonstrating an artwork known as “Waterfall-NYC (2021).”

Moving ahead with the info, another mesmerizing experience was created on the MSC Cruises cruise ship. Whereby, a curved LED panel with 580 square meters was installed on the ceiling. This enables passengers to be inspired by multiple contents, suited according to the time of the day. While, the innovation doesn’t stop here, as with professional displays further, it is possible to optimize the service of a store. For instance, avoiding long lines at peak hours with the interactive menu panels. Additionally, Samsung’s easy remote management enables users to flexibly update the information in a few simple clicks.

Apparently, Samsung’s signage also catches a lot of attention at subway stations. Whereby it showcases information like arrival times, transfer gates, and more. Notably, Samsung has installed 4218 professional monitors at 90 subway stations in Seoul. These depict that company facilitates an epic range of products that are robust, innovative, and easy to access.

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