Samsung S95B: Enjoy Cloud gaming with Nvidia GeForce directly on QD-OLED TV

Nvidia GeForce become a popular platform for many because of its Ultimate tier which offers the best technical quality. Samsung S95B, LG C9, and Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can be accessed directly on smart TV. Nvidia GeForce performs excellently in terms of 4K resolution.

Both Nvidia and Samsung were submitted at the end of 2022 for the South Korean smart TVs. Whereas, you can find both the app for Xbox and thus cloud gaming via Game Pass Ultimate and GeForce. These are now accessible in the Gaming Hub on the present Samsung TVs. To be very honest, LG’s webOS has been developed negatively in recent years. Since its new full-screen interface is packed with recommendations.

When speaking about Gaming Hub, it is possible to switch to the cloud gaming provider of your choice. Where there is a need of creating an account. On the other hand, one can also operate the gaming hub directly via USB or Bluetooth controller. It gives support for different models as well, so they are easily compatible.

In order to connect then it supports four controllers to the QD-OLED in parallel. While using an audio device via Bluetooth, the number got reduced to two. To connect, tab on the Bluetooth device list on the Samsung S95B in the controller settings in the Gaming Hub and search for devices. Whereby, the Xbox Series X|S controller pops up, there you can pair it.

For those who use their Xbox controller on a console or PC

Tapping twice on the sync button switches between the devices. Thereby, the controller can remember both your smart TV and the console / PC. It provides the ability to switch at any time.

In the case of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Microsoft still needs to work prior to the service to make sense directly on smart TVs. Whereby the maximum streaming resolution is 1080p with 60 fps. Additionally, the S95B is not only characterized by low resolution but also by hard compression. It lacks quality, especially in tough scenarios, like dark horror games. On the other hand, this appears different on mobile devices since smaller screens don’t disclose the visual so easily. While in the case of QD-OLED-TV, the scenario is somewhat reciprocal.

GeForce Now cut a better figure

With resounding it is true, meanwhile, the 4K resolution of the cloud gaming offer also tends to work on S95B. At the same time, Nvidia also provides enormously enhance compression. The key factor is to use a wired connection or use a fast Wi-Fi network.

In addition to this, if you tend to create good conditions at home via the network. Then, in that case, both GeForce as well as S95B also makes a good impression directly on the smart TV

At last, it has been concluded that cloud gaming experiences are become more interesting without having a lot of additional hardware. In the event, that you play occasionally, with a lightning-fast internet connection or a good Wi-Fi network.

Samsung S95B

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