Samsung’s BESPOKE Life 2023 event unveil upcoming home appliances

Samsung all planned to unveil its next-generation Bespoke series smart home appliances through its BESPOKE Life 2023 streamed live online. The company has started focusing on eco-friendliness and sustainability with all its products, and it will be a similar theme for its upcoming home appliances.

Samsung could also reveal more information about SmartThings and its integration with the new Matter smart home standard that is interoperable with smart home platforms from other brands, including Amazon, Apple, and Google. Before that take a look at the BESPOKE Life 2023 event highlights below.

Samsung’s BESPOKE Life 2023 event will highlight eco-friendly and customizable home appliances

On June 7, 2023, the BESPOKE Life 2023 event will be held live by Samsung, at 10:00 EDT (16:00 CEST/23:00 KST). Going by the event invite, the company’s central theme would be connectivity, styling, and sustainability. So, you can expect the company’s next-generation Bespoke home appliances to be internet connected via the SmartThings platform. You can watch the event on or Samsung’s YouTube channel.

Focusing on offering customizable products over the past 3-4 years the Korean tech giant is so looking forward to the same era. Continuing the same the company to carry over or even increase the customizability of its next-generation BESPOKE home appliances. The firm also partially devotes the business to contributing to reducing pollution during the entire lifecycle of its products, right from manufacturing to usage. There in this context, it may also unveil new ways to control pollution and advance sustainability.

Samsung’s BESPOKE Life 2023 event unveil upcoming home appliances

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