Samsung Knox Security platform is now 10 years old

Samsung has officially announced that its Samsung Knox security platform is now 10 years old! It was first introduced at MWC in 2013. Samsung’s Knox Suite avoids the dangers of being overwhelmed by the complexity of so many choices by curating a master set of tools. Building the addition on the house, in other words, but in a way that will ease the process of adding an extra door or window later on.

Unlikely, a lot of enterprise mobility initiatives involve legwork — not unlike wandering a hardware store in hopes of building a new addition to your house. One will find all the tools, materials, and components if you browse the aisles long enough. What’s harder to find, in most cases, is the best way to put all those pieces together to achieve your vision.

Knox Matrix is Samsung’s vision for a future wherein devices connected in an ecosystem can protect each other — as well as their users. It is a comprehensive approach to security, which will become increasingly essential as more devices and aspects of our lives become connected.

Many users around the world already own an array of connected devices, from mobile devices and TVs to refrigerators and robot vacuum cleaners. The presence of over 14 billion connected devices on the market demonstrates the vastness of this landscape, which shows no signs of shrinking.

Knox Matrix manages all this within a private blockchain, allowing compatible devices to check each other for breaches and ensure safety with intelligent threat monitoring. With these steps in place and more features to be introduced, users will be able to enjoy multiple connected devices safely and conveniently.

Knox Asset Intelligence allows real-time reporting and deep insights on everything from device health and battery life to app stability, connectivity, and location tracking. This visibility into device-specific data can help businesses make decisions on improving productivity, take proactive measures on device maintenance, and promote better utilization of assets.

10 Years of Samsung Knox Security and Samsung Vision for a Safer Future 1

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