Samsung applying waterdrop hinge to its foldable phone first time

Samsung always plays a vital role in advancing technology and taking one step further in technology with each launch, same it will gonna do this year as well, yeah Samsung is applying a waterdrop hinge to its foldable phone for the first time ….!! Samsung oriented plans to complete mass production approval and shipping approval for the waterdrop hinge by the end of next month or early July. Whereas some part has already proceeded with mass production of Samsung Electronics’ new foldable phone.

Samsung applying waterdrop hinge to its foldable phone 

This would be the first time ever that Samsung indulged the waterdrop-shaped hinge in its upcoming new foldable phone this year. In the opinion of the industry first product will be expected in the coming week soon. The time the foldable phone is folded, using a waterdrop-shaped hinge, both screens adhere closely and wrinkles can be minimized. Due to hinge-related axis moves and the part where the product folds is rolled around it is called a waterdrop hinge. Korean giant applied a hinge that floats in a ‘U’ shape when the product is folded up to last year’s foldable phone.

If the new addition’s performance meets internal standards, it will begin preliminary production in small quantities while supplementing the problems. After that, it is expected that the development verification (PVR), mass production approval (PRA), and shipping approval (SRA) stages to be completed by the end of next month or early July. The stage of approval for mass production after development verification is the point at which verification is actually completed.

Samsung conduct a waterdrop hinge reliability test

Samsung is planning to conduct a waterdrop hinge reliability test in a harsh environment. Concerning problems with product performance even if the axis for implementing the waterdrop hinge is repeatedly moved, durability must be secured. The battery capacity may be limited, or the thickness of the product may not be as thin as expected when folded if the space required for axis movement increases.

The testing is foremost to check everything is going with the new addition. As there were cases where the durability was weak or the product was rather thick. For example, the first foldable phone was released by Motorola in the past. The foldable phone was recently released by Chinese smartphone makers. Although the waterdrop hinge was applied to the Razr.

The waterdrop hinge, which is being applied to foldable phones by Chinese smartphone makers, is designed by Amphenol of the United States. Samsung Electronics is known to have its own research personnel design the waterdrop hinge. So far, Samsung Electronics foldable phone hinges have been mainly produced by KH Vatech.

Samsung’s new foldable phone has already started mass production in some parts

As with the revised strategy Samsung Electronics decided to unveil and launch a new foldable phone ahead of the usual schedule. Some of the parts needed for Samsung Electronics’ new foldable phone have already started mass production. Which will pull some of its sales from the fourth quarter to the third quarter. If earnings improve in the third quarter after passing through the off-season in the second quarter. It can give the impression that the company has rebounded. The Korean tech giant is requesting measures to improve performance after the second quarter against the smartphone division.

The size of the external screen of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is 3.38 inches. Which is larger than the 1.9 inches of the external screen of the previous Z Flip 4. The size of the Z Flip 5 internal screen (6.7 inches), Z Fold 5 external screen (6.2 inches), and internal screen (7.6 inches) are the same as the previous ones. Samsung Electronics is expected to highlight the waterdrop hinge and weight reduction in foldable phones this year. The weight target for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is known to be 254g. Last year, the weight of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 was 263 g, 8 g less than the previous one (Z Fold 3, 271 g).

Samsung applying waterdrop hinge to its foldable phone first time

Hope you people are also excited to see the further finished product with the special enhancement. Stay tuned to know more about Samsung via @Samnews24…

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