Samsung Galaxy Watch: 10 Best Things You Can Do

Samsung Galaxy Watch with Wear OS has various capabilities. It enables you to check your health, track your sleep, navigate maps, and send out distress signals in case of emergencies, apart from several other functionalities.

Here in this article further let’s have a look at some of the best things that you can do with your Galaxy Watch.

1. Track Your Workouts

Notably, the Galaxy Watch can sense up to 39 distinct types of exercises. The same comprises running, walking, lunges, squats, swimming, and more. It allows them to record their respective vital stats, such as distance, steps, speed, heart rate, and burnt calories among others.

It automatically records the performance of your routine activity if it is swimming without any hindrance with the help of its Water Lock mode. To make this feature, tap the droplet icon available in the quick settings panel.

2. Monitor your Heart Rate and Electrocardiogram Monitor (ECG)

Samsung Health enables you to track heart rate at your fingertip. You just need to head to Samsung Health and prompt it to check. While tracking the heart rate at regular intervals then can configure it accordingly.

3. Analyze Your Sleep

If you intended to look after the quality of your sleep every night, then you can sleep by wearing your Galaxy Watch on your wrist, along with ample charge.

Check your sleep report that comprises information like duration of sleep, length of each sleep cycle, body movements, heart rate, oxygen levels, and snoring. The sleep information is there in the Samsung Health app on your phone for easier reading and accessibility.

4. Get Updated with Your Notifications and Emails

Checking your phone in short intervals is certainly inconvenient for the one who is working or doing anything else. Thus to overcome this, Galaxy Watch enables you to go for your notifications with the flick of a wrist, so that you can’t miss out on the important one.

While you can respond to emails as well as certain other types of messages in apps including Slack, WhatsApp, or Telegram. Here, you type your response in three ways, first is by using your watch keyboard, with gesture typing, or through voice typing.

5. Communicate With Close ones on the Go

You can conveniently make calls and even respond to text messages from your Galaxy Watch. The feature proves to be more handy when you’re not able to use your phone.

6. Control Your Phone’s Camera and Other Media 

Another trendy thing that you can do with your Galaxy Watch is to take a group photo as well as a selfie. As your watch will serve you as a remote shutter. Opening the camera app automatically launches your phone’s camera and likewise provides a preview of your phone lens.

Additionally, play audio or video on your phone and use your Galaxy Watch as a remote media control.

7. Monitor Your Daily Calorie and Water Intake

The feature seems really helpful for those who really intended in tracking what they consume. Since it allows you to set daily calorie intake targets. This also enables you to monitor your water intake by setting a minimum number of water glasses per day. All the consolidated information will be stored in your Samsung Health account.

8. Send Out Emergency Alerts

Samsung Galaxy Watch is equipped with various emergency features. Some of these are SOS alerts, hard fall detection, medical profile, low and high heart rate alerts, and Find My Watch.

You’ll need to configure these Galaxy Watch emergency settings in advance for them to be helpful. They might just make a difference if you ever find yourself in a critical situation or medical emergency.

9. Navigate Using Maps and the Inbuilt Compass

At the time of navigating unfamiliar routes, the Galaxy Watch will skip your hectic of checking your phone. The feature is also conveniently helpful when jogging or in circumstances where taking out your phone from your pocket is not practical. The watch is packed with an inbuilt compass that substantially helps you to know the direction you’re heading.

10. Use It as a Watch

One of the most basic things is similar to the normal watch as you can also use your Galaxy Watch as a stopwatch, timer, or alarm clock.

In the event, that your watch is out of power, then you can turn off all the smart features by turning on Watch only mode. In order to achieve this Go to Settings > Battery > Watch only.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

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