Google seems copying a feature for Android, Samsung been offering for a long time

Google making efforts to release a new app feature ‘App pairs’ to their Pixel phones. Which could be any time across ‘Split-screen mode’ arrive. Well, this feature become more practical since numerous smartphones, tablets, and foldable with larger screens come onto the market.

Samsung and Microsoft already offer this feature in their respective Android derivatives, but direct integration by Google into the Android base would mean that other manufacturers of large-screen devices could inherit this feature for their launchers.

Split-screen mode and app pairs, hope soon be there

App pairs are in progress under the vision of Google. After the completion of the feature, it’ll allow you to save a “pair of apps” for Android 14. In Beta 2, a new launcher flag has been added, which, when activated, displays a menu item “Save app pair” in the context menu of split apps in the overview of recent apps. However, saving a pair of apps does not work at the moment (Android 14 beta).

Notably the great booming feature is still awaited. Whereas, many known experts are confident that one day it will offer the ability to add a shortcut on the home screen to launch two apps in split-screen mode. In the same context industries, pro experts @MishaalRahman tweeted that Android 14 is to launch ‘app pair’ side-by-side in split-screen mode.


Well, the feature isn’t available but we hope that this feature will be there soon in time for the launch of the Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold. That would be a fantastic addition to devices with large screens. Stay tuned to know upcoming affairs via @Samnew24…

Google seems copying a feature for Android, Samsung been offering for a long time


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