Android 15 Phones and Tablets to get NFC updates

Back in 2019, Google revealed the launch of Project Mainline for Android. Notably this program was specifically made in order to separate key Android components from the operating system itself. Thus, the approach allows Google to brings updates for modules directly through the Play Store. It means the update rollout by Google for a key component of the operating system. The user doesn’t need to rely on their phone maker to consider it in the next OTA system update. While users can able to get it directly from the Google Play Store.

As of now, Google has split several key components from Android. It comprises Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and UWB. Notably, now Google heading the same approach with NFC as well. It has been observed by Mishaal Rahman that code in AOSP depicts that Google is a workout to make NFC stack a Mainline module.

It allows Google to bring it via Google Play Store. Therefore, it is recommended to update in order to fix any issues with NFC components.
In addition to this, the newest alterations may not come in the final Android 14 release, as said by Mishaal Rahman. Since NFC may have their appearance as a Mainline module in AOSP. It clearly indicates that we will tend to have this in Android 15 in the coming future.


Android 15 Phones and Tablets to get NFC updates (1)

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