Shinebolt and Flamebolt: Samsung registered for the trademark for Supercomputers DRAM

As per industry disclosure, Samsung Electronics lately registered for an application. This is in regard to the Korea Intellectual Property Information Service (KIPRIS). Whereby it is submitted, in order to register for two trademarks, which are “Shinebolt” and “Flamebolt” respectively. Notably, this is for the DRAM of AI supercomputers.

Below are the screenshots which depict some details of the registered trademarks.

Samsung registered for the trademarks Shinebolt and Flamebolt

In addition to this, as depicted by the trademark documents. The mentioned “Shinebolt” and “Flamebolt” trademarks will be considered for the use of high-bandwidth DRAM modules. Intended to use in enhanced performance computing devices, AI as well as supercomputing devices. Also, in high bandwidth DRAM in regard to the graphics cards.

Meanwhile, Kye Hyung Kyung, the President of Samsung SDS also disclose in their recent lecture at KAIST that memory solutions are essentially necessary for the development of AI servers. He also said that powerful memory solutions primarily targeted AI performance. While it can outperform NVIDIA’s GPUs in some scenarios.

Samsung registered for the trademarks Shinebolt and Flamebolt (1)

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