Samsung domestic AC market share in the Q1 2023 announced

Samsung Electronics has officially announced the market share result of the domestic air conditioner in Q1 2023. According to market research firm GfK, air conditioner market share in the first quarter recorded at 48.6%.

To recall, 43.6% of the domestic air conditioner Sain 2013, 42.7% in 2016, 45.5% in 2017, 43.0% in 2018, 37.6 % in 2019, 40.4% in 2020, 41.7% in 2021 , and 41.0 % in 2022. It has maintained a high market share of around 40%.

In particular, in the first quarter of this year, Samsung Electronics’ sales of wind-free air conditioners rated 1 in energy consumption efficiency doubled compared to the previous year.

Samsung’s windless air conditioner can save up to 90% of power consumption compared to MAX cooling when using windless cooling. With the SmartThings AI saving mode, energy consumption can be reduced by an additional 20%. It will save your electricity bill as well.

Samsung domestic AC share in the Q1 2023 announced

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