Samsung plays important role providing stable backup for Android

Samsung does a lot for providing stable backup to Android, and in the meantime got surrounded in the Android ecosystem as only one brand among them….!! That will not be weird if say, Android privilege is all due to Samsung. It’s been clearly seen to some extent during the Google I/O and even in the run-up to the developer conference. Samsung really contributed best in advancing the ecosystem Samsung plays an extremely important key role in Android.

Wear OS is managed by Samsung and not by Google

Samsung passes the heritage of giving the best functionality through the OS when killed Tizen for Smartwatches and transferred the best functions to Wear OS. Samsung is very strongly involved man in the further development of Wear OS. Its efforts can clearly visualize when Samsung is the only manufacturer that achieved predictable sales numbers with Wear OS.

Samsung has new Wear OS 3 for over a year exclusively for itself. In the same era, it never had a partnership nor planned to end up the service. Samsung has again played a crucial role with the new Watch Face Format for Wear OS. Where Google has jointly developed a new system with Samsung to build new watch faces. The Watch Face Studio offered for this even comes directly from Samsung.

Speaking of wearables: Android comes on new screens, including XR devices or glasses.

Apps in the background: Samsung worked, for which Google took ten years

It was announced some days before Google I/O, that this interesting final standard should be given, which must be changed with Android Apps in the background. The App-Developer were chanceless, the manufacturers had nothing to do with the way their Battery-Software works.

The planned updates were first announced for Android 14 and exclusively for One UI 6. No other manufacturer was mentioned by name for the project. The initiative even came directly from Samsung.

Tablets and Foldables: Nothing would have happened without Samsung

After the clear struggle that Android on tablets has no chance against the iPad, the struggle on Android on large screens seems to have ended up. First, in a renewed collaboration with Samsung, Google has re-applied and even created completely new Tablet-Apps. It introduced a taskbar, new dual-screen functions, and much more.

In the last few years, Google has increased the optimization before all things, and again the advertising trommel for the Foldables and Tablets by Samsung has been fired. Ultimately, all this led to the fact that Google itself no longer just celebrated a tablet comeback, but also launched its own foldable with Samsung technology.

Samsung does a lot for providing stable backup for Android

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