Samsung Galaxy: It’s all about Switching

Samsung Galaxy’s ‘Smart Switch‘ depicts the convenience of switching from one phone to another in just about two minutes. The video that resembles the tendency of smartphone icons, is basically from the ‘Samsung Galaxy: All About Switching’ campaign. This video has been released by Samsung on YouTube in April. It is humorous to convey the features and benefits of Galaxy to consumers who hesitate to switch devices to Galaxy. While the released video got a massive response within two weeks. It gained 4.2 million views, 2,120 likes, and 7,2 comments respectively.

Turned into a Galaxy

Consumers who thinking of changing their smartphones have a lot of issues in their minds. The concerns like the “complexity” of changing devices, and “compatibility” with existing peripherals. Some other worries related to data comprising photos that can be transferred without loss are common. The video considers all of these concerns into account and solves these worries in an informative and interactive fun way.

With the advent of the Samsung ‘Smart Switch’ app, the transfer to the Galaxy is done in the blink of an eye. The icon representation in the video is done in quite a comic and funny way. While several voice actors who acted in Hollywood blockbusters participated in the recording.

Video conveys Galaxy’s unique features from “Smart Switch to OneUI”

Thus, with the help of the released video, the company not only demonstrates the comforts of switching to Galaxy through the mouths of icons. The icons appear that directly guide the functions to consumers include:

  • Smart Switch
  • SmartThings service
  • Knox security program
  • Quick Share
  • One UI is divided into chapters

“We focused on introducing Galaxy’s comparative advantage features in an interesting and friendly way to consumers who are hesitant to move on to Galaxy,” said Cho Ji-yeon, head of Brand Marketing 1 Group of Samsung Electronics’ MX Business Division, who planned the video, “We hope that Galaxy’s unique advantages and convenience can be effectively conveyed through playful storytelling that resonates with consumers.” Based on the response from consumers, Samsung Electronics plans to try various ways to convey Galaxy’s unique comparative advantage function in a more interesting way.

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