WhatsApp Tweaked Interface when loading Link Previews finally available for iOS Users

Recently, it has been revealed the altered interface when loading link previews that seemed to appear for a few beta testers. While using this feature, users can experiment with an enhanced experience at the time of sharing links with the help of a loading indicator. Lately, the company introduced the WhatsApp for iOS 23.9.77 update on the App Store. Thus everyone now can able to see the official changelog, the feature with respect to link previews.

Also the official changelog in regards to polls whereby users can opt to limit them to only one option. But it also comes with link previews reliability improvements. Here the credit goes to the tweaked interface that comprises a new loading indicator. At the same time, earlier users had no indication of the preview’s loading status. The same results in needless waiting time. Hence, the updated link preview interface helps to a great extent, which enables users to know when a preview is loading and when it is available.

Additionally, if you don’t have this feature then no need to worry as some accounts may receive it over the coming weeks, as mentioned in the official changelog. Therefore it is recommended to keep updating WhatsApp from the App Store and the TestFlight app.

The tweaked interface when loading link previews alongside other such improvements from the fresh beta versions of the app. And is finally available for iOS users that have undergone the recent update of WhatsApp from the App Store. Thus, install this update in order to enjoy a better user experience.

WhatsApp Tweaked Interface

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