Tips to use Samsung One UI Image Clipper to Lift Subjects Out of Photos

Engraving Samsung’s potential is always new, as Samsung pushes wide all the possibilities making available everything that we can do on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone. In Samsung’s Gallery app, there is Enter Image Clipper, a built-in feature that makes lifting subjects from images quick and easy.

Well, this guide particularly refers explore Image Clipper and see how you can use it to lift subjects out of photos on Samsung phones. However, typically we require third-party background remover apps or services to extract the subject from an image on Android phones. Let’s learn below what is Image Clipper and how it does work.

What Is Image Clipper?

Image Clipper is a feature in the Samsung Gallery app that makes extracting the subject from an image a one-step process. In some sense, Image Clipper is kind of like Apple’s Visual Look Up feature on iPhones, except it only works on images—and not text—and you can currently use it inside the Gallery app only.

You can save it to the gallery or share it with someone, as it gives you a neat cut out of the subject. Alternatively, you can edit the clipping to use with another image or create memes and stickers out of it.

How to Use Image Clipper to Extract a Subject From an Image

On Samsung phones running One UI 5.1, Image Clipper is available. Thereafter, the very first thing you should do is update your Samsung Galaxy device. Soon after head over to the Galaxy Store and update the Gallery app to the latest version.

Once done, here’s how you can use the Image Clipper feature to extract a subject from an image on your Samsung phone:

  1. Open the Gallery app and select the photo whose subject you want to extract.
  2. Tap and hold on to the subject in the photo.
  3. When you see an animation, which indicates that the subject is highlighted, release your finger. You’ll see three options in the context menu.
    1. Select Copy to copy the subject to your clipboard. After you do this, you can paste the subject into any app to save or share it.
    2. Alternatively, you can tap on Share and pick your app of choice in the Share menu to send the clipping to someone.
    3. Lastly, if you simply want to save the clipped subject to your gallery, tap on the Save option in the context menu, and it’ll be saved as a PNG file with a transparent background.

Therefore those were some steps you have to go through while you perform clip subjects from photos on your phones right from the Gallery app. And that too absolutely free. It’s one of several handy features that were introduced in One UI 5.1.

Tips to use Samsung One UI Image Clipper to Lift Subjects Out of Photos

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